Christmas Light Tester - How Can I Test My Christmas Lights?

Christmas Light Tester

christmas light testerBuying a Christmas light tester is a good idea for those who want to make sure that their decorations are working this season. One of the great things about them is that they don’t cost very much, so you will be able to purchase them for around $4 or $5. While some of them are made to work only with mini Christmas lights, some work with all different kinds. When you are buying them you will want to pay attention to what they have been designed to work with, so you don’t end up wasting your money. You will be able to find these testers in a number of places, including discount stores and basically anywhere that sells Christmas lights.

How the tester works is that you point one side of it at a certain bulb. If you press the button on the tester and it lights up, there is still power going to it. If the bulb you are pointing at is not getting power because of another one farther down the strand, it will not light up. It is an extremely simple task that you should have absolutely no problem with. These testers are able to detect certain electromagnetic waves which are given off by wires that have power flowing through them.

The magnetic field outside of the wire is fairly strong, so you shouldn’t have a hard time detecting it with the average tester. It is important to have one somewhere in your home, because it makes dealing with the sometimes taxing task of putting up these decorations a little easier. Nobody likes to go out and buy new lights when they could simply fix the ones they have. A tester will be able to tell you if the lights you have right now are still good, so you will know whether or not you need to buy brand new ones.

When you have a Christmas light tester, you will be able to check just one bulb instead of an entire strand. This makes things a lot easier, so you don’t have go through and check each one individually if they are not working. These types of lights can be a real hassle if you don’t have a tester, so it is highly recommended that you get one before December hits. These testers are also able to safely check the circuit without touching bare wires. You will be completely safe the entire time you use it and you will know which specific bulbs are bad.

These Christmas light testers can serve other purposes as well. You will be able to point them directly as a wall outlet and determine whether or not it is getting power. Most of these have a range of about 3-4 inches, so make sure you are staying within that distance when checking the lights or anything else for power. This device is absolutely necessary for anyone who doesn’t want to go to a lot of trouble when putting up lights on their home. They are especially useful if you tend to put up a lot of lights, because over the years strands tend to have some bulbs that go out or lose power entirely. A Christmas light tester will be able to save you a significant amount of money over the years in avoiding replacements when you can just correct the problem yourself by replacing certain bulbs. There is no point in overworking yourself around the holidays with faulty lights when you can check them for yourself with a tester. They are cheap, effective, and save you a lot of work each winter, so you will want to get one as soon as possible.